Saturday, May 30, 2009

3 PRs in 34 days

Dave S and I must be trying to outlast each other in the "who can take the longest to update their blog" race. I finally beat Dave in a race.

I'm really happy with my races this Spring. I had a PR at the OKC marathon on 4/26, 4:56, a PR at the Jenks Aquarium 1/2 marathon on 5/16, 2:06 and last night (5/29) at the Kidney Klassic, I did 27:05, and I'll claim that I have met my goal for the 5K for this year, even though this is 5 sec over. I think I'm done racing for awhile, I'm going to focus on training for the fall marathon and maybe do a 10K if one comes up but other than that, I'll wait for the Tulsa Run. My 1:21:00 goal for the Tulsa Run is looking very ambitious now, my McMillan chart now shows that I would do it in 1:27 based on the 27:05 5K. We'll see how things come together after the speed and hill work this summer.

I'm really looking forward to training hard this summer and getting to know everyone better. Dave has laid out some great routes and we are going blast thru those downtown hills. I've also started biking a little on my own. June 6 can't come soon enough and join us at Panera on Cherry St when you're done with your run.