Saturday, July 17, 2010

Early morning payoff.

I'm so glad we were out running by 5 a.m. The early morning air felt good and I really enjoyed the first part of our run. First we did the Jenks loop for about 6 miles, then we headed north on Riverside to the 81st street light. As we headed back toward the Creek Turnpike, we decided to pick up the pace and were running about a 9:45 pace. We did that for a mile and as we headed east on the Creek, the sun was brutal. Going up the steep hill to Harvard, I was determined that I was going to run every step of that hill and I did! As we headed out to Yale we decided to turn back there, it was so hot. Our original plan was to run 15 miles but the sun was getting the best of us. The air felt better as we headed back west and I feel very satisfied that we got in 14 miles before 8:30. We did our usual at Starbucks, so nice to unwind there. We laughed about how we can run marathons but housework was a whole different story! My daughter and I headed out to Porter for the Peach Festival and Lindsay Orchard after I showered. I sweat as much there as I did running and it was fun to be in rural Oklahoma. We brought home some juicy nectarines and peaches. Some people were buying lots of peaches, must be going to can them. I wish I was that ambitious. After that, when we got home, I crashed on the couch for two hours!