Sunday, January 1, 2012

End of Year Wrap Up

I graduated from my physical therapy on Wednesday, December 14. I had mixed emotions about being done with PT. I loved going, I received excellent strength work while I was there and Ryan kept me from making stupid mistakes by doing things my knee wasn’t ready to handle. I know I would have attempted R66 full if it weren’t for him and I would have been miserable walking those windy cold final miles. Instead, I feel good about my half finish and I’ve had no set backs. Since therapy was now over, I wanted to push my knee harder the rest of December. At my last therapy session, I was able to jump on my injured knee, repeatedly, which indicated it could handle more turnover. My main challenge was my conditioning, I am still averaging an 11 minute mile. So, for now I’m a healthy turtle.
For my long run that Saturday, the 17th, we planned to do 15 miles. That would be my longest run since R66 half, perfect to see what my knee could do. The first 6 went fine, the next four were ok and the last five were snail pace. I got it done though and my knee survived with little swelling and pain.
The next Tuesday, we ran up to Golf Ball Hill (thank you Lyle Robertson), and even though I took it really slow, I did it again. Kavanaugh-you will not defeat me in Little Rock!
On Saturday before Christmas, we did our own little Christmas lights tour through the Maple Ridge area. We wore our Santa hats, had our jingle bells on and took in the sights. We even saw Santa Cluas out for a run. We did an easy 6.
The day after Christmas, Carmie and I went out for another run, this time 9 miles. I felt so good to get out after eating all the Christmas goodies, especially the carrot soufflé and baklava. Tuesday, another tempo run, then Thursday, hillwork again on Golf Ball Hill.
Saturday, we did 12 miles, our last run for 2011. 7 of them were around Jenks and 5 on the Creek. I broke one of my fuel bottle tops on the run. A week before that I washed my shuffle with my running jacket and it didn’t survive. Looks like it is time for some new gear. My knee is a little tender, but the swelling goes down by the next morning.
Tomorrow, I have my first run of the new year. I better do only 5 since I’m doing hill work on Tuesday. It’s so hard for me to choose the shorter distance when most of the group is doing 10, but that is what got me into trouble last year, I don’t want to make the same mistake twice.

2012, here we go, and I'm going to do everything I can to stay injury-free.