Sunday, June 20, 2010

Another killer run

For Saturday's long run, we decided to go from Olive St out to NSU on the Creek TP and back, which ended up being 15 miles. It's a good, hilly route and totally wiped us out. The temperature was toasty, about 85 and very humid. When we got to NSU, they were getting ready to start a 5K race, probably about 25 people there, what an awful morning for a race. The 15 miles took about 3 1/2 hrs., we walked a lot toward the end, it was so stinking hot. I know runs like these will pay off in the Fall though. The really cool thing was that as I was finishing, I pulled out my phone to call my husband because we were supposed to meet our daughter at the airport since she was returning home from a 5 week missions trip to India. As I flipped open my phone, there she was calling me! Her flight had been cancelled and most likely she wouldn't be in until that night. Shucks, but that was harder on her that me because I wasn't stuck in an airport like she was. She ended up getting in at 11:30 last night, just in time for Father's Day.

Saturday, June 12, 2010

Hot and Humid

Running the past couple of weeks has been draining with the heat and humidity. Last week, we ran out on the Katy trail and one of the water fountains was turned off. After that experience, I finally broke down and bought a water belt this week. I’ve been so spoiled because RW always has water for us but I couldn’t risk going without water again with all of this heat. Wearing this belt is going to take some getting used to. It’s an Amphipod and it is adjustable. Some of the other brands are already sized. I didn't have the belt adjusted to be tight enough and I didn’t want to take the time to shorten it once we started running so I couldn’t get it tight enough. The belt keep sliding around my hips but once I get it tighter I think it will be ok, it drove me crazy this morning though.
Last week I ran 11 miles, about 4 of them were without water. Today we ran 8 miles on the river then hustled over to Youth Services of Tulsa and ran their Runaway 5K because a friend of mine is on their board. All of us had slow times for a 5K and still managed to sweep the medals for our age groups.
We ate breakfast at IHOP after that and their blueberry nut pancakes, topped with bananas and egg substitute really tasted great!